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Jack Reacher



After a gunman kills five people with just six shots, all of the evidence points to the suspect who is in custody. But when he is interrogated, the suspect claims his innocence and tells the police to “Get Jack Reacher!” Reacher sees the story on the news and comes to town in order to confirm the man’s guilt, but instead turns up an unexpected enemy with a secret and a skill for violence.

Cast & Crew

  • Director | Christopher McQuarrie
  • Written by | Christopher McQuarrie
  • Producer | Tom Cruise
  • Producer | Don Granger
  • Producer | Paul Wagner
  • Producer | Gary Levinsohn
  • Executive Producer | Jake Myers
  • Executive Producer | Ken Kamins
  • Executive Producer | Kevin Messick
  • Executive Producer | David Ellison
  • Executive Producer | Dana Goldberg
  • Executive Producer | Paul Schwake
  • Jack Reacher | Tom Cruise
  • Helen Rodin | Rosamund Pike
  • District Attorney Rodin | Richard Jenkins
  • The Zec | Werner Herzog
  • Detective Emerson | David Oyelowo
  • Charlie | Jai Courtney
  • Martin Cash | Robert Duvall
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