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Top Gun: Maverick



Terminator: Dark Fate



Gemini Man



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Jack Ryan



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Mission: Impossible – Fallout



Gemini Man - Official Trailer 2 (2019)

Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020)

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 2 - Official Teaser


#SkydanceSpotlight: Brad Carlson, EVP of Physical Production, is in charge of overseeing and managing the production and crews behind all of Skydance’s feature films. After graduating from film school at Syracuse, Brad moved to Los Angeles in hopes of pursuing his passion to become a filmmaker. It didn’t take long for him to meet one of his idols. As an intern, Brad’s defining moment was when he got to drive acclaimed actor Martin Landau to set and pick his brain on all things movies. He quickly moved up the ranks ultimately landing a job as a physical production executive at Paramount Pictures where he worked on the Mission: Impossible, Star Trek and Jack Reacher films – all Skydance projects. Because of his close relationships at Skydance, he eventually joined our team to lead our physical production department. Brad not only loves the people he works with, but he’s also thrilled he gets to make movies everyday. “Making a movie is a giant puzzle that’s laid out on the table… That’s the fun part, solving problems and making movies.” ...

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Have you ever wanted to share your unique artistic talent with a global audience? Now is your chance! We're looking for talented individuals to create unique content inspired by one of these Skydance projects and showcase your artistic ability in the process. First place will receive a cash prize of $1,500, a skydance gift bag and placement on the official Skydance Instagram page. To enter the sweepstakes simply upload your piece to Instagram, use the hashtag #SkydanceChallenge and tag our page in your caption. For full rules and information click the link in our bio now! ...

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Ang Lee and @WillSmith had a special connection working together on #GeminiMan with Ang praising Will's "courage and heart" while taking on the challenge of playing two unique characters. #Behindthescenes ...

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Turn off the screen lock Benji 🤦🏽‍♂️ #MissionImpossible ...

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"I'm addicted to Terminator!" - @Schwarzenegger 💀🤖 #TerminatorDarkFate #SDCC2019 ...

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If you like movie posters then you'll love this time-lapse of the #MissionImpossible - Fallout poster being assembled! ...

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Listen to professional television editors talk about the inspiration behind successful editing. #SkydanceCoffeeKlatch ...

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Watch as these Hollywood editors break down the challenges of editing with visual effects and green screen. #SkydanceCoffeeKlatch ...

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The editors behind Altered Carbon and Grace & Frankie explain editing drama series vs comedy shows. #SkydanceCoffeeKlatch ...

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Imagine that you've been planning a long roadtrip and you get to choose three of these Skydance characters to tag along, who are you taking with you? ...

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All have distinct personalities and abilities. Who is yours and why? ...

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Bones always tells it how it is. 🤷🏽‍♂️ #StarTrek ...

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#skydancespotlight Kenny Madrid, Manager of TV, is responsible for the day-to-day oversight and management of Skydance’s current television slate, which includes Foundation and the Jack Reacher series. Kenny’s work supports Skydance shows in all stages of production. While each day is different, he is often found writing script notes, staffing a writer’s room or helping book directors. Growing up in Santa Clarita and later attending college at San Diego State University, Kenny had his sights set on a future in politics. A post-graduation job as a tour guide on the world-famous Paramount Studio lot changed all that. He balanced life on the lot by working various film set jobs (including an early stint as a production assistant on one of Skydance’s first movies, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol) and worked in feature development at Paramount before landing a position at Skydance. During his five-year tenure here, Kenny first worked for the CFO, but ultimately grew within the television department. He was promoted to his current role in November of 2018. Kenny’s daily inspiration comes from working on so many exciting projects, saying “I feel like a professional fan.” ...

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Glen Powell. That is all. 😍 @GlenPowell #TopGunMaverick ...

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