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6 Underground teaser shows off Ryan Reynolds' wild Italian car chase

November 15, 2019

With 6 Underground, his new action movie starring Ryan Reynolds, director Michael Bay was able to get “unprecedented” access to film in the city of Florence, Italy. “Wad had been up on the Duomo — 800-year-old Duomo — parkouring down,” Bay told EW. “I asked for really extreme stuff.” Fans can see what he’s talking about.

Netflix’s latest teaser for 6 Underground serves as a spoof travel ad that highlights the sophistication and style of Florence. Then, Reynolds and his group of fellow ghost operatives barrel through in a high-speed car-chase sequence.

“It’s a wild car chase through the Uffizi lobby, through the Uffizi courtyard,” Bay explains. “Florence is a very small town, but it’s very tight and it’s so historic and they’ve never done a car chase like this ever in the history of Florence.” How was Bay able to get such crazy access to pull this off on location in the city of the Palazzo Vecchio and Michelangelo’s David? “That’s been one of my gifts in life,” he says. “I ask for crazy locations and I’ve been given.”

6 Underground stars Reynolds as a billionaire tech genius behind a group of his own independent team of “ghosts,” those who faked their deaths to fight bad guys around the world under the radar — not that car chases like this are exactly under the radar.

Inglorious Basterds‘ Mélanie Laurent plays a CIA dark operative, Straight Outta Compton‘s Corey Hawkins plays a former Delta Force sniper, Good Omens‘ Adria Arjona plays a doctor accustomed to battle conditions, Widows‘ Manuel Garcia Rulfo plays a hitman with a conscience, X-Men: Apocalypse‘s Ben Hardy plays a parkour expert, and The Disaster Artist‘s Dave Franco plays a driver.

Yes, that’s also an actual parkour stuntman standing in for Hardy on top of the famed Il Duomo, as shown in the video above.

“We’re really careful when we go to these very, very exclusive locations,” Bay adds. “My rule is we leave it untouched because there are so many film companies that spoil it for everyone else.”

More stunts are on the way when 6 Underground hits Netflix on Dec. 13.