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PWND Now Available at Great New Price!

August 28, 2017

When PWND fans pipe up- we listen. The best parties have plenty of people, and a PWN-party is no different. Turns out, Bots don’t make great company. To entice more friends to rocket around in the arena with all of us, we’ve lowered the price. Now let’s invite them into the inner circle and build up our awesome community.

Join us this week and get 12 new PWN stamps, plus the two new special-edition skins of each influencer Vanoss and Syndicate… OOOOH yeah!

Wait. There’s even MORE pwn-tastic stuff coming!! September is chock-full of shiny new things for all of you. We’re excited to introduce another character, who will be joining our unique PWND squad with eccentric, never-seen-before abilities. Stay social, and check back for the big reveal!

It doesn’t end there! One: you’ll have a new level to play on. Two: we’re releasing the “Custom Match” game option so you can team up with friends! The thing is, it’s far easier to scheme and carry out PWN strategies when you’ve got a pod of allies- GET THOSE PWN STACKS!!

Be ready to rumble with your friends (or latest PWND nemesis) in a tournament this fall! Support for this additional gameplay option will be released in October, the exact date still TBD. We know you’ve been waiting for this: and we give our PWNers what they want!

As a thank you to our original players, we’re giving anyone who already owns the game something extra special!

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