Dietland Season 1



Plum Kettle is a ghostwriter for the editor of one of New York’s hottest fashion magazines. Struggling with self-image and fed up with how she’s treated by her boss and society, Plum sets out on a wildly complicated road to self-awakening. At the same time, everyone is buzzing over news reports about men, accused of sexual abuse and assault, who are disappearing and meeting untimely, violent deaths.

Cast & Crew

  • Created by | Marti Noxon
  • Executive Producer | David Ellison
  • Executive Producer | Dana Goldberg
  • Executive Producer | Marcy Ross
  • Executive Producer | Jacqueline Hoyt
  • Executive Producer | Maria Grasso
  • Executive Producer | Bonnie Curtis
  • Executive Producer | Julie Lynn
  • Executive Producer | Marti Noxon
  • Plum Kettle | Joy Nash
  • Julia | Tamara Tunie
  • Verena Baptist | Robin Weigert
  • Cheryl Crane-Murphy | Rowena King
  • Dominic | Adam Rothenberg
  • Leeta Albridge | Erin Drake
  • Eladio | Ricardo Davila
  • Steven | Tramel Tillman
  • Ben | Will Seefried
  • Kitty Montgomery | Julianna Margulies

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