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Skydance Interactive's PC Arena Shooter PWND Releases on SteamJuly 20, 2017

July 20, 2017

PWN or be PWND as Skydance Interactive today unveils its high-flying, pulse-pounding, ultra high-mobility first-person rocket arena shooter that hurls you into a not-too-distant future of dynamic e-sports where “death is temporary … humiliation is forever!”

PWND features fierce competition, big bad weapons and some very killer dance moves. A return to gaming’s golden age of the high-speed, multi-player rocket arena shooter, PWND brings the format to an entirely new level with unparalleled three-dimensional rocket jumping combat, extremely fast-paced competitive play, a diverse cast of colorful characters packing a vast array of heavy-duty weaponry, and a revolutionary scoring system. Did we mention the dance moves, which – quite literally – are used to down your opponents?


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